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With atZone, you can race through exotic locales on virtual journeys, challenge yourself against people all over the world, redefine your body with Sprint 8 HIIT and keep every experience fresh with metric-driven workouts. You can even review your workout history to track progress and see how you stack up against the top atZone users worldwide.

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Kinomap is the world’s largest geolocated video sharing platform, with thousands of videos from the best tracks around the world. We pair to your equipment and respond to the inclines and resistance seen in the video on your screen. This isn’t ‘at-home training’, this is the real thing.

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All you need is a bike and a phone. 

We want everyone to enjoy live, interactive indoor cycling classes at home. 

So we made it extra simple. 

Join one of our classes via the Motosumo app.

Then place your phone on your bike for live, accurate fitness data, and interactive features.

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