Sync CirC Massage Chair -
Sync CirC Massage Chair -
Sync CirC Massage Chair -
Sync CirC Massage Chair -
Sync CirC Massage Chair -
Synca CirC Massage Chair -

Synca CirC Massage Chair

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A chair fits your body and gives you a sense of security

A special chair that fits your body as if it is tailor-made. It was designed to be ergonomically correct to make you feel secure and comfortable. Once you sit on it, you donʼt want to move. The SYNCA Compact Massage Chair will make you want to exist in the moment forever.

The massage hands move up and down from your buttocks to the back of your thighs.

Unlike conventional chairs, which only have air and rolling functions, SYNCAʼs compact chair provides professional massage technique execution, including “Tapping” and “Kneading.”

Get rid of everyday fatigue and stress with Lower Body Core movements.

It is difficult to exercise and move freely if the muscles in the lower core are rigid.  Alternating hip movements from left to right can loosen up the muscle near the base of the spine to help reduce lower back pain. SYNCAʼs compact Massage Chair loosens the lumbar para-spinal muscles through its alternating gentle movement from left to right, using itʼs whisper-quiet air cell technology and gentle, precise massage hands.

Product Name: CirC Compact Massage

Chair Weight: 70lbs (31.5kg)

Size: W21.6 x H37 x D39 (W550 × H940 × D990mm)

Color: Beige
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  • 2 year parts and labour warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Kathy Oldani
Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill

Love it

Mary D
Enjoying treadmill workout

We just happened to come across the Synca CirC Massage chair at Johnson Fitness, and so happy we did.%0AThis small, nice looking chair, only takes up a small space but packs a big punch.%0AThe setup is simple - take out of the box, flip up bottom support bracket, plug in and it ready to use. %0AFor it's size this chair gives you a great full body massage, with or without heat, from your thighs to the top of your shoulder blades. You can also choose specific areas to massage: back, waist, buttocks or air stretch. %0AWe find ourselves using the CirC massage chair multiple times per day. Mornings before work, after workouts, and before bed. It's so rejuvenating and relaxing. %0AThis chair looks nice and is very comfortable to sit in without using the massage features so you can place it in any room.%0AWe enjoy having the CirC massage chair in our home and would definitely recommend getting this great little chair - so glad we bought it at Johnson Fitness - they are great to work with.

Janice M Holmes
Horizon 7.0 AT

I became familiar with this chair while in the waiting area at my chiropractor%E2%80%99s office. It was so cute! In the past, there was always a huge bulky massage chair which was not realistic for home use. When I tried the CirC chair, I was very impressed! It has a wide variety of settings, including heat. When I found out that this chair was so affordable, I ordered one for my mom for Christmas. She was delighted and I am too as we live together and both get to use it!

Zakia B
Quiet with quick response

I was pretty skeptical that such a small chair could actually be powerful but boy was I surprised. From the moment I sat in this chair I was in love. I have wanted a massage chair for a while but didn%E2%80%99t want anything too big or bulky. This chair is the perfect size. Big enough to massage my entire back but compact enough to move if necessary. Love it!


Doesnt even look like a massage chair, I wasnt even going to sit in it until the guy in the store recommended I do. Love it.